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Naturally Made Jaggery Powder/शक्कर 700 gm | 100% Chemical Free Shakkar | देशी शक्कर | Bamel Gruh Udyog



inclusive of all taxes
  • 100% Chemical Free
  • No Added Colors
  • No Artificial Sweetener
  • 100% Natural Sugar Substitute
  • Natural Delicious Sweetener
  • Manufactured Traditionally


Bamel Gruh Udyog’s Pure Natural Jaggery is a Healthy Substitute for Processed Sugar. White Sugar is all Empty Calories whereas the Energy From Jaggery has Nutritious Vitamins and Associated Health Benefits. Jaggery is Made From Concentrated Cane Juice and Has Essential Minerals Such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, and Selenium. For This Reason Jaggery is Considered a Superfood. It Has Lesser Sucrose Content as Compared With White Sugar and is Processed Slowly by the Body Providing Energy Over a Longer Duration. Jaggery Also Helps Keep Metabolism High and Does Not Cause Spikes in Sugar Levels. Jaggery is the Most Suitable Plant Based Source of Iron and Gives our Body Muscular Strength. Antioxidants in Jaggery Boost Immunity and Also Helps in Treatment of Cold and Infections. Jaggery is a Healthier Replacement for White Sugar for People who are Diabetic. Even Though the Calorie Difference is Marginal, the Body’s Response to Jaggery is more Beneficial Unlike White Sugar. About 70% of the World’s Jaggery is Produced in India and we can Proudly say that the Jaggery produced at Bamel Gruh Udyog is one of the Most Pure and Chemical Free Jaggery available in India. The quality of jaggery turns out superior because of the mostly pure water table replenished by the river Narmada. Another factor for a distinguished taste is the mineral rich soil which needs no fertilizers to produce any crop. The air in this area boasts of a very healthy Air Quality Index(AQI) which has a very good effect on our farms produce. This Jaggery Will Not Spoil Heated Milk or Tea and Can be Easily Used as a Substitute  for White Sugar


At Bamel Gruh udyog we use traditional methods to make jaggery with zero usage of chemicals, colors or any other adulteration. Our production plant is situated in Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, the area is known for producing high quality Jaggery and Jaggery powder (famously known as KARELI KA GURH). 

All our products have been tested and accredited by the FSSAI approved labs for their nutritional components.

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Weight .7 kg


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